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How to switch on Kindle dark mode

Dark mode is a huge trend right now, with phones and laptops moving to offer dark mode over the past few years. That’s extended to apps and websites too – and the Kindle is no exception.

The Amazon Kindle has, in fact, offered Inverted Mode for many years, only moving to offer dark mode on some devices more recently – and changing the name to “dark mode” in the process so people know what it is.


Not only does dark mode look great, but we find it better for reading – especially late at night. It reduces the illumination across the page, so there’s less glare and it’s less likely to disturb your partner with that glow when the lights are off.

Kindles that support dark mode

First of all, you need to make sure you have a supported Kindle. Currently the list includes:

kindle dark mode

How to turn on dark mode on a Kindle

Dark mode is really one of the accessibility features, but there’s now a quick setting to turn it on.

  1. Make sure your Kindle is running the latest software ( at the time of writing).
  2. From a book, tap at the top of the display and then tap the arrow to reveal the quick settings tray.
  3. A selection of icons will appear including Dark Mode. Tap to turn it on or off.

It’s that simple. Remember that because the Kindle uses a front lighting system, you can still change the level of illumination or the colour temperature (if you have those options) although with less white space on the page the effect of this is dramatically reduced.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Perhaps the easiest, lowest-maintenance e-reader out there. 

You’ll also be able to find the dark mode option in all settings > accessibility > invert black and white, but since Amazon updated the Kindle to provide the toggle listed above, there’s really no need to head into the settings menus anymore.

To update the software on your Kindle, go to all settings > device options > advanced options > update your Kindle.

There’s plenty more you can do with your Kindle

The Amazon Kindle actually offers a range of customisations, allowing you to change the font, display book cover art when your Kindle is in standby and a whole lot more. We have a full run of tips and tricks for the Kindle Papwerwhite for you to read.


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