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How to use Google Maps on smartphone, tablet and laptop at the same time

Google Maps, a flexible navigation tool, has seamlessly woven itself into our everyday routines, assisting us in efficiently navigating the world and reaching our destinations. The navigation app offer various useful features and one such feature is the ability to seamlessly use Google Maps across multiple devices. Whether you’re planning a road trip on your computer, checking directions on your smartphone, or keeping an eye on your route with a smartwatch, Google Maps ensures a consistent experience. Here’s a guide on how to harness the power of Google Maps across various devices.

Follow the below mentioned steps to use Google Maps across multiple devices

Setting Up a Google Account
Ensure you have a Google Account. If not, create one, and sign in to all your devices with the same account.

Accessing Google Maps on a Computer
* Open your preferred web browser and go to Google Maps.
* Sign in with your Google Account.
* Search for your destination, get directions, and plan your route.
* Save the map for later use.

Using Google Maps on a Smartphone/Tablet
* Download and install the Google Maps app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
* Sign in with the same Google Account used on your computer.
* Your saved locations and routes will sync automatically.
* Enable location services for real-time navigation.

Syncing Across Devices
* Ensure that the “Sync” option is enabled in your Google Account settings.
* Changes made on one device, such as saved locations or recent searches, will reflect on all devices.

Utilizing Google Maps on Smartwatches
* If you have a compatible smartwatch, install the Google Maps app.
* Connect the smartwatch to your smartphone.
* Receive turn-by-turn directions on your wrist for a hands-free experience.

Voice Commands for Hands-Free Navigation
* Use voice commands on supported devices to control Google Maps without touching the screen.
* Say “Hey Google, navigate to [destination]” to initiate navigation.

Offline Maps for Limited Connectivity
* Download maps for offline use when internet connectivity is limited.
* Go to “Offline Maps” in the app settings and select the region you want to download.

Sharing Real-Time Location
* Share your real-time location with friends or family directly from the Google Maps app.
* Select “Share location” and choose the duration.


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