Sunday, July 14, 2024

I downloaded the macOS 15 Sequoia beta and fell in love with the Classic Mac dynamic wallpaper

In case you missed it, Apple revealed a new version of macOS dubbed Sequoia at WWDC 2024. The upcoming update for macOS comes loaded with new features like iPhone mirroring, a new and improved Siri, and of course, Apple Intelligence. Alongside all those exciting additions, however, macOS 15 also brings in some more minor tweaks, including new dynamic wallpapers – and one of them is a pleasant blast from the past. 

Now, I’m not old enough to have used a Macintosh from way back in the day, so my appreciation of this new wallpaper may not be the same as some people who had the pleasure of working with the older computers themselves. But, it is really interesting to see Apple introduce a retro dynamic wallpaper with its newest and arguably most advanced version of macOS. 


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