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I found a $25 wireless iPhone microphone that’s surprisingly good

Key Takeaways

  • Simple plug-and-play design makes EJCC mic an affordable option for novices.
  • EJCC mic offers less echo than built-in iPhone mic, suitable for basic smartphone recording.
  • Avoid if you are an audio enthusiast seeking maximum control or recording outdoors in windy conditions.

The video playing back on my iPhone screen was punchy and colorful — but the sound streaming through the speakers sounded as if I were speaking into a hollowed-out pumpkin. Short-form video is the current king of social media, but if I wanted to avoid getting swiped off the screen, I knew I needed to improve the way I sounded. That’s when I decided to try out this TikTok famous $25 wireless iPhone microphone.


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The EJCC Wireless Microphone for iPhone and iPad is a budget audio option for recording TikToks, interviews, and vlogs. When I first opened the package, I was dubious — the mic is the sort of cheap accessory that comes in a box that doesn’t even list the company name, just “Wireless Lavalier Microphone.” But, undeterred, I plugged in the tiny mic to see whether the mic would be a much-needed boost or a waste of cash.

Two small wireless microphones with lightning port connectors

EJCC 2 Pack Wireless Microphone

Good quality for value

$25 $40 Save $15

This affordable wireless iPhone microphone is simple to use — just plug in the dongle and power the mic on. That plus the price makes it an enticing option for novices recording video with their smartphones. The audio has less echo than the iPhone’s built-in mic and picks up your voice even when you are standing far away from the camera. While decent, the audio quality won’t impress serious audiophiles.


  • Simple plug-and-play design
  • Tiny design
  • Affordable
  • Available models for both Lightning or USB-C

  • No advanced controls, including volume
  • Only moderate improvement in audio quality

Prices specs, and availability

The EJCC wireless iPhone mic comes in two variations; one for iPhones and iPads with Lightning ports and one with a USB-C port for newer iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices. They both retail for $40, but are consistently discounted. The Lightning port option is usually on sale for just $25, while the USB-C option for $28. Both are available on Amazon.

EJCC 2 Pack Wireless Microphone



Rechargeable battery

Up to 5 hours

Audio Sensitivity

0.7 ounces

Signal to Noise Ratio

Compatible Devices
Separate models for Lightning port iPhones and iPads, and for USB-C port iPhone 15 and Androids


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What I liked about the EJCC Wireless Microphones

This tiny plastic wireless iPhone microphone is incredibly easy to use

The EJCC wireless mic itself is smaller than a thumb drive. It’s a small plastic stick with a foam tip. The only control is the on button. A USB-C port recharges the battery. A small light indicates the status — green means connected, and flashing green and red means the mic hasn’t connected. Two mics are included in the set, so you can use them for two-person interviews or just have a backup.

The only steps involved is to plug in the dongle, turn on the mic, and make sure the light is solid green.


A small dongle plugs into the port on your phone. The Lightening port variation I tested works with both iPhone and iPads with the Lightning port, while there’s also a USB-C version available for the iPhone 15 series as well as Android devices. The dongle has no controls, lights, or charging port — just plug and use.


Both the mic itself and the dongle are made with cheap plastic, but frankly, for the price, that’s exactly what I expected. The small size makes them easily portable but also easy to lose, and, unlike AirPods, there’s no Bluetooth Find My option when you misplace one. The EJCC wireless smartphone mic is a true plug-and-play experience. You don’t need to know anything about audio. In fact, you don’t need to download any separate app or even open the settings to establish a Bluetooth connection.


The only steps involved is to plug in the dongle, turn on the mic, and make sure the light is solid green. When the battery drains, which is rated for five hours, just recharge with a USB-C cord. The wireless mic works with the apps that you already have. I used it with the native camera app on my iPad. But you can also use Apple’s voice recorder or third-party video apps. The company says it works for live-streaming as well.


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What I didn’t like about the EJCC Wireless Microphones

There are better mics out there, but this mic isn’t bad for $25


There are better mics out there than this $25 no-name wireless mic — but the EJCC mic does a fairly bang-up job for the price and simplicity. Audio with the mic had noticeably less echo than without the mic.

I didn’t notice a big increase in volume when using the mic close to the camera compared to without the mic. But, the wireless iPhone mic allows for consistent volume no matter how close you are to the iPhone or iPad. I was able to walk around my 2,000 square foot home, walking well out of view of the camera, and still, the mic picked up my voice and didn’t drop the connection to my iPad.

Avoid moving around too much with the mic pinned to your clothes, however, as you’ll hear the fabric rubbing up against the microphone. If you want to avoid this, you can simply carry the mic if you are moving around as you use it.

But, it’s worth noting there’s not really a way to put this tiny mic on a stand or anything. Another thing to avoid is wind. When recording outdoors with a slight breeze, the mic didn’t pick up much wind noise. But stronger gusts will distort the sound, as the mic doesn’t include a large wind muff, just a tiny puff of foam.

Audiophiles are certain to get better quality and more control with a microphone from a major sound company. But, for users who want better sound without the complex user experience or high price, the EJCC mic can limit echo and keep volume consistent as you move further from the camera.


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Verdict: Should you buy the EJCC Wireless Microphones?

Is it quality for great value or just a trendy gadget?


The EJCC wireless iPhone microphone is a cheap, simple device to improve the audio quality on your social media videos, vlogs, or even video conferencing and live streams. The sound quality won’t win any awards, but it is a noticeable improvement from using the built-in mic on a smartphone or tablet.

Two small wireless microphones with lightning port connectors

EJCC 2 Pack Wireless Microphone

Good quality for price

Not for advanced audio control

$25 $40 Save $15

Buy this mic if you want:

  • An incredibly simple plug-and-play interface
  • Less echo in your social media videos
  • An affordable, portable option

Avoid this mic if you:

  • Are a self-proclaimed audio nerd
  • Want the most control over your audio
  • Need to record in windy conditions


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