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I found the perfect iPhone 15 accessory, and it’s only $50

Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with USB-C in green with a green iPhone 15.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I’m on my iPhone 15 Pro a lot. Especially during my frequent visits to Disneyland, I rely heavily on my iPhone — or whatever smartphone I happen to have with me that day. Even if it’s not Disneyland, if I know I’m going to be out for most of the day, I always have to have an external battery pack with me.

I’ve gone through a lot of power banks, and one thing that I don’t particularly like about most of them is the fact that you need to provide your own cable. Lately, I’ve leaned more toward MagSafe power banks or ones that have an integrated, built-in cable because, hey, convenience factor!

Anker, one of my preferred brands for power accessories, recently came out with a new Nano lineup in anticipation of the iPhone 15 lineup’s change to USB-C. I was sent a few of the products from the collection, but my favorite has been the Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with Built-In USB-C Cable. Long, clunky name aside, it’s pretty incredible.

What’s so special about this Anker charger?

Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with USB-C in green in hand.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

The Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with USB-C is a small and compact little battery pack. In terms of its shape, think of something like a candy bar, but shorter and wider. It fits perfectly in my hand, and the plastic casing is nice to hold and doesn’t feel cheap. Anker also made the plastic shell with 80% recycled plastic from consumer waste to help reduce carbon emissions.

Despite the small size, this is actually a 10,000mAh power bank, and not 5,000mAh like you’d probably expect from one of this size.

On the Anker Nano 30W, you’ll find one USB-C port that is used for both input and output and another USB-A port. By using the USB-C port, you can power up the battery pack to 50% in about 45 minutes or an iPhone 14 Pro to 50% in 30 minutes.

Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with USB-C in green showing the integrated cable.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

But the real magic with this battery pack is the built-in USB-C cable that slides into and is locked in at the top. Since this integrated cable is flat and locked into place, it can form a little carrying handle or loop, making it pretty easy to take around with you or clip onto a carabiner on your bag.

This cable also can be used for both input and output. That means you can easily charge your iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, or any other Android smartphone. You can also just plug the power bank directly into a USB-C port and charge it up quickly that way.

Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with USB-C hanging off with cable loop.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Another thing that makes this little battery pack stand out is the built-in display, which is found on the metallic side of the charger with the Anker logo. This display tells you exactly how much power is currently in the power bank itself, and if you have something plugged into it for charging, it tells you how long it will take to charge fully. Anker has been including displays on its newer accessories, and it’s cool to see one on this small battery pack.

A perfect companion for your iPhone 15

Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with USB-C in green charging up an iPhone 15.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I’ve been taking Anker’s battery pack with me pretty much everywhere, as I always keep it in my purse or Loungefly mini backpack when I go to Disneyland. It’s become my favorite new battery pack, and for good reason.

This is one of the fastest power banks I have. It has a capacity of 10,000mAh, which is a lot for this compact size, and it charges at full 30-watt speeds. That’s insanely fast for a power bank!

I plugged in my iPhone 15 Pro while my husband and I were at Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney California Adventure last month, and during a 10-minute break, I went from around 30% battery on my iPhone to 45%. With this little battery pack, I could easily power up my phone while we waited in line for character meet-and-greets and photo ops. It ensured I never had to worry about running out of juice during the night’s festivities.

I also really like having a display built right into the battery pack. Other battery packs just have some LED lights that give you an approximation of how much juice is left, but sometimes you end up with less than you thought, and it may not be enough to give a full charge. The display on the Anker Nano gives me exact numbers, so I never have to second-guess how much charge it has. It’s also pretty great to see how long it will take to fully charge your device.

With all of these features, I’d say that the $50 price tag for the Anker Nano 30W Power Bank with USB-C is worth it. Even though you may find other 10,000mAh battery packs for less, the integrated USB-C cable, 30W speeds, extra USB-C and USB-A ports, and a smart display make this one of the best compact battery packs around. And whether you’re getting it for your new iPhone 15 or any other USB-C-equipped phone, it’s a tough accessory to beat.

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