Friday, April 19, 2024

I know where Bing AI chat went wrong

Ask me anything. It’s the long form of an AMA and one of the most popular forms of interactive discourse on Reddit. It’s also a major challenge, as Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, a.k.a. “new Bing” is quickly learning.

Anytime a celebrity or notable signs up to do a Reddit AMA, usually shortly after posing with a photo to prove it’s really them answer questions, there is a deep moment of trepidation.

The ability to ask anyone anything is usually a minefield of inappropriate discourse that is managed by a live community manager who fields and filters the questions. Otherwise, things quickly go off the rails. Even without that protection, they often do, anyway (opens in new tab).


(Image credit: Future)

When Microsoft launched its new Bing AI-powered chat, it made it clear that the ChatGPT AI was ready for any and all questions. This was either a sign of deep trust with the relatively small but growing group of users or incredible naivete.


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