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I sold my Tesla and ended up carless

A LONGTIME Tesla owner has sold their Model X after the lure of more aesthetic electric vehicles became too strong, among other reasons.

The EV enthusiast took to social media to note at least five key downsides that led them to be carless for the immediate future.

A longtime Tesla owner has ditched their new Model X after one yearCredit: TikTok/edwardzo
The EV fan said the temptation for other brands’ designs was too greatCredit: TikTok/edwardzo

“I had to get rid of my Tesla,” influencer Edward Zo (@edwardzo) wrote in the caption for a recent clip on TikTok with crying and heartbreak emojis.

Edward explained they previously bought the Tesla Model Y in 2022 after selling their old car, which appeared to be a Mercedes sedan.

He noted he was incredibly excited and quickly upgraded to the newest Model X when it came out as a fan of the brand.

Flash forward to May 2023, and Edward said the disadvantages of his lifestyle and health with the Tesla were too significant — most notably considering living with his polymorphous light eruption (PMLE) skin condition.

PMLE is an immune system reaction through extreme sensitivity to sunlight, according to the Mayo Clinic.

With the large glass windshield and sunroof features on the Tesla Model X, Edward noted that there was often too much sun exposure, even through tinted glass.

“Even with the strongest SPF, my skin could not handle the almost all-glass roof,” the influencer claimed.

Similarly, Edward said the visor that comes with the Model X was too small to provide enough protection, meaning that it would impact good hair days and good vision.

“I had to wear this Asian mom sunhat to avoid unnecessary sun exposure,” he noted.

Another reason the EV fan ditched the Tesla was because the brand is supposedly becoming too common in Los Angeles, and they wanted to stand out more.

“It seems like everyone in LA has a Tesla,” Edward said.

“I wanted a little more individuality in my next car.”

The influencer also argued that some features of the Model X weren’t particularly “intuitive” and “often required multiple steps in order to do simple things.”

Even with all the problems Edward had with the Model X, it was the possibility of owning EV designs from other companies outside of Tesla that convinced him the most to get rid of the car.

“The lure of other, newer, more aesthetic electric vehicles, is just too strong,” the TikToker noted.

It appears that the lure also led to indecision, as Edward claimed he was still without a car and was looking for a sweet new ride.

“Right now, I’m without a car — so I’m taking suggestions — which car do you think I should get next?” he asked fans.

Viewers suggested several different EV designs from major brands like Mercedes, BMW, Kia, and more.

“Mercedes EQS or all of BMW’s electric cars,” one person suggested.

“BMW i4” another wrote.

A third added: “KIA EV6 GT or simply a Stinger.”

Data collected by EnergySage shows that the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 still ranked among the most popular EVs throughout 2022.

Although the Porsche Taycan was awarded the Best Electric Car in 2023 by TopGear.

The Tesla Model 3 was ranked second.

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