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I tested EV which everyone hates and it was SO weird – the noise was horrible & acceleration was a nightmare

A MOTORIST who tested an EV hated by everyone said it was weird and the noise was horrible.

American car enthusiast Kyle took to his YouTube channel to show everything that went wrong with the Mazda MX-30.

The content creator claimed the car was weird and the noise horrible


The content creator claimed the car was weird and the noise horribleCredit: You Tube/Out of Spec Reviews

The content creator took the entry-level battery electric car for a test drive to see if the negative criticism was true.

The EV amassed a bad reputation after car experts said it “doesn’t perform like a sports car” – as it only has 124miles of range.

On the video, Kyle said: “It has a low EPA range and a relatively high price compared to rivals with a lacking personality.

“It’s pretty expensive and it has no range. This car doesn’t look good on paper.”

He then jumped into the £31,195 motor and hit the road to check how well it performs.

But Kyle quickly realised were the criticism came from.

The car’s steering wheel paddle shifters allow drivers to tailor the driving via the pedal speed settings.

But he said they looked “weird”.

Once inside the front seat, things got even weirder.

“I’m too close to the steering wheel. Can I – at six foot one fit in the rear,” he said.

The driver was then left shocked with the narrow space inside the back seat of the vehicle.

“Oh my goodness. Our BMW i3 has more room than this. You got to be kidding me,” he slammed.

The Youtuber then realised manufacturers fitted the driver seat with a button setting to change positions of the seat.

However, the feature was missing in the passenger seat.

The content creator fumed: “Isn’t this where you want to sit as a passenger anyway.

“They just forgot to put the switches there. We’re seeing this together for the first time.

“This makes absolutely no sense unless this was supposed to be a right-hand drive car designed for the Japanese market – which this is.

“But they didn’t change anything for left-hand drive markets.”

He then slammed: “This is a weird car folks. And if I see it on the road I’ll be shocked because you have to go so far to buy one of these things.”

Ryan then decided to still proceed with the test drive despite the rocky start.

The driver then hit the road to go on a 103km trip to a different location to test the range.

The Mazda, with no driving modes, can reach a speed from standstill to 100kmph in 9.7 seconds -with a top speed limited of 140kmph.

However, its performance seemed to fall short when the driver hit the accelerator pedals.

At 20 miles per hour the car started to jump in speed to up to 60, but it started to make “horrible noises”.

The influencer said: “That was so weird. I hit the throttle, I got a peek and then it dipped. What was with that.”

He then stopped in the middle of the road and launched the speed one more time.

Despite the second chance, he slammed: “You get this horribly terrible noise in the front.

At 87kw, the car expert confessed he suspected the peak power “wasn’t going to be good”.

But he never imagined it would perform “like a hamster”.

“It sounds like a little hamster running on a wheel,” he said.

It comes as another car expert who test drove the worst EV ever revealed it was so bad it blew him away.

The motors pro took to social media to rubbish the vehicle to millions of fellow drivers.


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