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I was slammed for parking my £130k Audi R8 over two spaces – I’d rather pay a parking fine than get a scratch

A SELFISH motorist sparked rage as he deliberately left his car parked across two spaces – but he tells haters to “get a life.”

The Audi R8 driver admitted he would rather pay a parking fine than risk his beloved car door being scratched.

The car is left parked right in the middle of two spaces


The car is left parked right in the middle of two spaces

Photographs posted on Reddit show the red vehicle left directly over the line in the middle of two spaces – stealing a valuable spot from another motorist.

The supercar was left at a carpark in the Dee Why area, in Sydney’s north earlier this week.

People rushed to the comments to share their frustration, one wrote: “I don’t get the logic here, presumably they’re trying to avoid others opening doors into their car, but aren’t they just begging passersby to do much worse?”

Another commented: “Just look at the picture. He doesn’t take up even half of a space to the left nor right of the line.

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“He will fit just fine.”

“I drive a big 4WD and I manage to park OK, there’s no excuses,” a third agreed.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous despite proudly leaving his car between two spaces, told “But honestly, I’d rather pay a few hundred dollars in parking fines to the council than get a dent in my door that would cost me $1000.

“The council should really just make the car spots wider, rather than having them as the bare minimum size.

“To those haters out there, get a life.”

He continued to justify his decision and claimed he didn’t think he would be able to safely exit his car if he parked within the lines.

The two-seater Audi R8 – described as the “everyday supercar” – costs from £132,000 – not much in comparison to a potential parking fine.

But one Redditor replied: “If you can afford the flashy car you can afford the respray.”

According to the Audi driver, the car park was just over half full at the time and he chose those spots in particular because he had bad knees.

However, some ‘haters’ suggested the driver should think twice before leaving his car parked in this way again.

“With the amount of d**** out there that damage cars parked correctly, I’m extremely surprised cars like this don’t get smashed windows,” one person said.

The primary response appeared to be contempt for the Audi driver, someone else said: “Too many w***ers getting around these days thinking that they are entitled to just s*** on everyone else because they have cash.”

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Meanwhile, a woman sick of people’s bad parking revealed she carries notes to stick on cars whenever she witnesses it.


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