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I’m an EV expert – drivers prefer petrol and diesel motors and don’t want to buy electric cars…here’s four reasons why

AN EV expert has revealed four reasons why drivers are looking to buy petrol and diesel cars over electric vehicles.

Many people are hesitant to make the jump from a conventional motor to electric.

An EV expert has revealed four reasons why drivers are looking to buy petrol and diesel cars over electric vehicles


An EV expert has revealed four reasons why drivers are looking to buy petrol and diesel cars over electric vehiclesCredit: Getty

New figures have suggested drivers have lost faith in the EV market, especially after the Prime Minister delayed the petrol ban until 2035.

Rishi Sunak’s move comes as many major car dealerships are either postponing new EV roll outs, or stopping them altogether.

Some are slashing costs of existing models as they sit collecting dust on forecourts amid plummeting interest.

Now, data collected by eBay Motors Group suggested motorists had four main concerns ranging from cost to mile range anxiety.

In a poll of 2,000 in-market buyers, nearly half at 43 per cent, said the cost of EVs were too high.

However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest running an electric vehicle is actually a lot cheaper than a conventional car.

Research also uncovered a large percentage of motorists were worried about the quality of the EV batteries.

Performance doubts would include fears over limited mile range, fast draining battery life and charging issues.

It is already common knowledge that EV battery performance drops in more extreme weather.

Colder temperatures can lead to slower fuel top ups and shorter range.

Meanwhile warmer conditions may help boost faster charging, but running the AC won’t do anything to help conserve estimated driving range figures.

However, newer electric car models usually boast range of over 200 miles, which means it’s unlikely you’ll end up stranded with no charge.

And, EVs on the market with the longest ranges could even see drivers travel a whopping 464miles on a single charge.

Other survey respondents were concerned about maintenance and servicing costs.

However, one EV owner shared her advice for first-time electric car buyers and claimed there’s much less up-keep involved.

Meanwhile, 28 per cent of people in the poll admitted to being scared of poor range on older models and 15 per cent feared lower resale values.

Lucy Tugby, marketing director of eBay Motors Group, said: “With rising new EV registrations gradually generating more volumes in the used market, buying secondhand is becoming a realistic consideration for a growing number of car buyers.

“Our research shows how two in three decision makers considering buying an EV as their next car will realistically think about buying used, although the actual cost of purchase remains a significant barrier for many.”

Their research also found that two in three buyers thinking about going electric would opt for a second-hand car.

And, used cars appealed more to women answering the survey than men.

Those already driving petrol or diesel cars said they would also choose a used EV.

But, only 18 per cent of current electric car owners said they would make the same choice.


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