Monday, July 15, 2024

iMessage for Android via Beeper Mini and Cloud are down again

On Monday, Beeper Mini started working again but without phone number support. That workaround appears to be dead two days later, which is just in line with what Apple said to expect over the weekend.

On Wednesday evening, Beeper shared that it’s “investigating reports that some users cannot receive iMessages on Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud.”

Beeper tells us that a more limited number of people are impacted this evening. Specifically, Apple is said to be “blocking iMessages from being delivered to ~5% of Beeper Mini users.” The workaround is uninstalling and reinstalling Beeper Mini if you’re affected. A broader “fix” is coming: “We won’t have a fix tonight, but we’re working on it.” Last week, the ability to send messages was also unavailable.

It comes as Beeper this morning pushed the workaround to the Google Play Store after previously requiring users to manually install the Android app from its website. That access only allows iMessage via Apple ID, with Beeper pulling its $2 per month subscription until phone number support is restored. As of today, the company is still working on that.

On Saturday, Apple said it “will continue to make updates in the future to protect our users,” thus setting up this cat-and-mouse game of continued reverse engineering.


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