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iOS 17.2 Includes Over 30 New URL Schemes You Can Use in Shortcuts on Your iPhone « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The iOS 17.2 update for iPhone is a big one. Aside from huge new features like the Journal app, Contact Key Verification for iMessage, and a revamped TV app, there are over 30 new URL schemes you can use in your self-created shortcuts.

If you’re unfamiliar, schemes are names assigned to apps in a format that resembles the protocol portion of URLs, such as https:// or ftp://. So, a scheme for the Camera app on your iPhone would look like camera://. The basic scheme opens up the app in question, and you can turn them into links or deep links with paths, parameters, fragments, and other components added that point to something specific in the app.

URL schemes like these are helpful in custom-made shortcuts in the Shortcuts app when the app itself doesn’t have any shortcut actions available by default or as Siri Shortcuts.

So, what are the new URL schemes available on iOS 17.2?

First, there’s a basic scheme for the new Journal app:


And two for the new Contact Key Verification for iMessage setting:

highlight | prefs:root=APPLE_ACCOUNT#TRANSPARENCY
open      | prefs:root=APPLE_ACCOUNT&path=TRANSPARENCY

Beyond that, the Accessibility settings have new URL schemes that work on iOS 17.2 only (but not on some earlier iOS 17.2 beta builds), including:

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Switch Control ⇾ Menu Items ⇾ Top Level
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier#TopLevel
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier/TopLevel

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Switch Control ⇾ Menu Items ⇾ Media Controls
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier#MediaControls
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier/MediaControls

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ VoiceOver ⇾ Commands
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE#CustomizeCommands
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ VoiceOver ⇾ Commands ⇾ Braille Screen Input
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands#BrailleScreenInput
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands/BrailleScreenInput

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ VoiceOver ⇾ Commands ⇾ Handwriting
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands#Handwriting
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands/Handwriting

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ VoiceOver ⇾ Commands ⇾ Keyboard Shortcuts
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands#KeyboardShortcuts
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands/KeyboardShortcuts

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ VoiceOver ⇾ Commands ⇾ Reset VoiceOver Commands
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands#ResetVoiceOverCommands
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands/ResetVoiceOverCommands

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ VoiceOver ⇾ Commands ⇾ Touch Gestures
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands#TouchGestures
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/CustomizeCommands/TouchGestures

There are also new URL schemes added for the Accessibility settings that work on other iOS versions, not just iOS 17.2, including:

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Touch ⇾ AssistiveTouch ⇾ Side/Top Button Confirmation

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Home Button ⇾ Rest Finger to Open
  toggle | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=HOME_CLICK_TITLE/HomeButtonAssistantTitle#RestingUnlockSetting

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Spoken Content ⇾ Highlight Content ⇾ Sentence Highlight Style
  section | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=SPEECH_TITLE/QuickSpeakHighlight#SENTENCE_HIGHLIGHT_STYLE

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Spoken Content ⇾ Highlight Content ⇾ Highlight Colors
  section | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=SPEECH_TITLE/QuickSpeakHighlight#COLOR_CHOICE

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Spoken Content ⇾ Speech Controller ⇾ Long Press
  open | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=SPEECH_TITLE/SpeechController/SpeechControllerLongPressAction#SpeechControllerLongPressAction

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Spoken Content ⇾ Speech Controller ⇾ Double Tap
  open | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=SPEECH_TITLE/SpeechController/SpeechControllerDoubleTapAction#SpeechControllerDoubleTapAction

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Spoken Content ⇾ Speech Controller ⇾ Idle Opacity
  open | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=SPEECH_TITLE/SpeechController/SpeechControllerIdleOpacity#SpeechControllerIdleOpacity

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Switch Control ⇾ Side/Top Button Confirmation
  section | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle#APPLE_PAY_SWITCH

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Switch Control ⇾ Menu Items ⇾ Gestures
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier#Gestures
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier/Gestures

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Switch Control ⇾ Menu Items ⇾ Device
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier#Device
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier/Device

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ Switch Control ⇾ Menu Items ⇾ Settings
  highlight | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier#Settings
  open      | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=ScannerSwitchTitle/CustomizeMenuIdentifier/Settings

Settings ⇾ Accessibility ⇾ VoiceOver ⇾ Braille ⇾ Choose a Braille Device
  section | prefs:root=ACCESSIBILITY&path=VOICEOVER_TITLE/Braille#DEVICES

There are likely more URL schemes hiding within iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2, and we’ll update this guide when we find them.

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