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iOS 18 Beta Release Date: How to Start Preparing

The iOS 18 beta release date is getting closer and some iPhone users might want to start doing early prep right now.

Apple will confirm iOS 18 during its WWDC 2024 keynote address in June. Rumors suggest it will be a substantial upgrade for iPhone users.

The final iOS 18 release date won’t land for awhile, but iPhone users will be able to try the software out long before the final version arrives.

The final version will land in the fall, probably in September alongside the iPhone 16 series, but you’ll be able to try the software in June when Apple releases the first iOS 18 beta.

The iOS 18 beta will be an early version of the operating system. It will give developers, and those enrolled in Apple’s Beta Software Program, a chance to try new features and test performance before the official version arrives.

Installing the iOS 18 beta right away might be tempting, but a lot of you will want either wait for the public beta or stay put on iOS 17. Unfinished software has the potential to cause problems on your iPhone.

If you decide to install the iOS 18 beta, you’ll want to prepare. This is particularly true if this will be your first time using iOS beta software on your device.

With that in mind, here are some tips that will come in handy as we push toward the iOS 18 beta’s release.

iOS 18 Beta Release Time

Apple’s confirmed the dates for WWDC 2024 which means we now know when it will release the first iOS 18 beta.

WWDC 24 kicks off on June 10th. Apple will use the conference’s keynote to highlight the changes coming to iPhone with iOS 18. It will also confirm key information about the beta.

We expect Apple to push the first iOS 18 beta to developers on June 10th. You can expect it to arrive after the keynote ends in the early afternoon.

The public beta usually comes later. Typically Apple releases the first public beta in July and we may see similar timing this year.

Keep these times in mind if you plan to install the iOS 18 beta on your iPhone.

Get Familiar with iOS 18

Given that iOS 18 isn’t official, the only way to get familiar with the operating system right now is via the rumor mill. Fortunately, we’ve seen a ton of information leak. Start there.

Most people will simply want to watch the WWDC 24 keynote live stream or the playback once Apple releases it.

The company will again outline iOS 18’s components during the show and it should release a full-blown guide to iOS 18 once the beta is out.

If you want to take things a step further, you can download the iOS 18 beta on your iPhone and go hands-on with all of the changes before the final release in the fall.

Read iOS Beta Rules

While we wait, read through Apple’s rules regarding its beta programs.

If you decide to download the developer beta, get familiar with Apple’s beta website for developers. The website goes over everything you need to know about joining the developer program and everything you need to adhere to once you’re in.

If you’re more interested in the public iOS 18 beta, you need to join the Beta Software Program. Like the developer beta, the public beta program has rules you’ll need to follow.

You’ve got time between now and the iOS 18 beta’s release so make sure you read Apple’s FAQ about the Beta Software Program when you can.

Learn How to Send Bug Reports

If this will be your first time trying iOS beta software, use this time to learn how to send feedback about the software’s performance. Your feedback will help Apple’s engineers improve the final version of iOS 18.

You can send feedback via Apple’s Feedback Assistant service. It’s fairly straightforward, but you’ll want to get comfortable with it before the beta arrives.

For more on the Feedback app and submitting bugs and issues to Apple, check out Apple’s FAQ.

Keep Storage Clean

We don’t know how big the iOS 18 beta download will be, but you can expect it to be pretty sizable given what will be on board.

You can expect long download times, especially right after Apple pushes the software live. The installation process could take quite a bit of time as well.

If you’re running out of space on your iPhone, use the next few weeks to do some cleanup to make room for the iOS 18 beta.

Prepare for Problems

Again, the iOS 18 beta will be plagued by problems. This will be the case throughout the duration of the beta testing process.

Common iOS beta problems include abnormal battery drain, Bluetooth issues, Wi-Fi problems, app instability, UI lag, crashes, and Exchange issues.

It’ll be difficult to predict how the beta will perform on your iPhone so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to tackle any issues you encounter on day one and beyond.

We’ve released a list of fixes for the most common iOS beta issues. It might be worth it to bookmark the page for easy access in June.

We’ve also put together a guide with fixes for iOS beta battery drain issues. Battery life could be a problem on the iOS 18 beta.

We also recommend getting familiar with Apple’s Discussion forums. They’ll be a great resource if you encounter a bug or performance issue on your phone.

Learn How to Downgrade

If the iOS 18 beta starts causing problems on your iPhone, and you can’t seem to fix the issue(s), you may have to downgrade back to stable software.

If you already know how to downgrade, well done. If you aren’t familiar with the downgrade process, you’ll want to get familiar with it right now. That way, you aren’t scrambling in June.

For more on the downgrade process, have a look at our walkthrough.


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