Thursday, May 30, 2024
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iPhone 15 Pro May Come with Bigger Storage, But for Added Cost

Ahead of the expected Apple iPhone event on September 13, more reports about its next-gen iPhone continue to pour in. The latest are separate allegations that hint of larger starting and maximum storage configurations for the Pro duo. These also suggest that these change may result in the iPhone 15 Pro becoming pricier.

New configurable storage options for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Apple has offered the iPhone 14 (review) with a 128 GB memory as the minimum, which maxes out to 512 GB for the standard iPhone and up to 1 TB for the Pro. If the latest reports are to believed, Apple plans to debut the iPhone 15 Pro with double of the base and max storage from their predecessors, ultimately putting it at 256 GB and 2 TB, respectively.

Two cases provide support to these claims. The first comes from South Korean leaker yeux1122 which posted the information on Naver about the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max duo getting 2 terabytes as the top-end most option. Subsequently, the account cites this comes from Apple suppliers.

Another user on China’s Weibo social media platform talks of Apple increasing the maximum configurable memory for the iPhone 15 Pro models as well. But as regard to the 256 GB starting on-board storage, the source connects the possible upgrade to offset the incoming price hike.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro side by side iPhone 15 Pro
Apple iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 15 Pro display and design comparison shows thinner bezels on the latter. / © 9to5Mac

Apple iPhone 15 Pro pricing and specs

Speaking of cost, there are no definite details about how much the iPhone 15 Pro range is going to retail. However, it was already reported before that the bigger iPhone Pro 15 Pro Max could command up to $100 compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max (review). The recent movement seems to indicate that the smaller iPhone 15 Pro may also see the same jump in pricing. 

Apple iPhone 15 Pro alleged design: Buttons and camera hump
The Apple iPhone 15 Pro’s alleged design: Buttons and a camera hump were spotted. / © 9to5Mac

As regard the authenticity, prominent sources and leakers are yet to give weight or oppose these forecasts. It is likely that we can only confirm everything about the storage upgrade in the coming days or as we move closer to the fall event of Apple.

In addition to the memory, the iPhone 15 Pro is tipped to boast a programmable action button and a tougher titanium chassis. The two are set to sport USB-C port similar to the vanilla models. A faster A17 Bionic chipset is also seen to headline the internal hardware. There is improvement on the front side too with the render showing thinner bezels and slightly curved edges.

What do you think of the iPhones having 2 terabytes of storage? Is this an overkill option from the Cupertino? And you’re okay with iPhones getting expensive for extra features? Share with us your answers in the comments.


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