Wednesday, May 22, 2024

iPhone 16 Might Fix These Annoying Camera Issues

If a new iPhone 16 rumor pans out, the iPhone 16 Pro’s camera might fix two annoying issues.

According to news aggregator yeux1122 on the Naver blog, Apple is currently “testing a camera lens with a new coating technology for use in the next iPhone Pro model.”

Specifically, the company is looking to bring new ALD atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment into the camera manufacturing process.

If Apple uses this new lens coating, the iPhone 16 Pro models could offer improved photography, including the reduction of lens flare. That would be a boon for iPhone users.

If you’ve ever taken a photo with the iPhone’s lens pointed directly at a light source, like the sun for instance, you might notice artifacts in the final result. Artifacts are streaks of light and circles of light that look like halos.

The iPhone’s camera is also prone to ghosting. This refers to unwanted translucent shapes or blurry figures that appear next to a light source in an image.

When shooting towards a bright light source, reflections can bounce around inside the lenses of your iPhone’s camera causing these ghostly images.

Both lens flare and ghosting are extremely common phenomena and they’re not specific to iPhones. They can happen with any camera.

Of course, there’s no guarantee Apple uses ALD for the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. We could see it get pushed to the iPhone 17 series.

For now, iPhone users frustrated with ghosting and lens flare can use manual techniques to avoid the issues showing up in photos.

Slightly tilting the camera when shooting a photo or video can help users avoid having the light source directly in the frame. This can help mitigate flare.

Those who consistently run into ghosting issues should avoid shooting directly into light sources. Users can also try turning off HDR to see if that helps.


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