Friday, May 24, 2024
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iPhone 16 Pro Shines in New Leak with a Boosted Display

Apple iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro leaks are picking up steam ahead of the fall launch. A recent report from China has shed light on the inclusion of brighter displays for the iPhone Pro models.

How bright could the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) display be?

Prolific and reliable leaker Setsuna Digital shared details over Weibo about the iPhone 16 Pro’s OLED display featuring 1,200 nits of typical brightness or in SDR mode. This is 200 nits more than the OLED display found in the outgoing iPhone 15 Pro duo (review).

Bear in mind that having a 20 percent higher nits count doesn’t translate to a 20 percent brighter display as the nits value is not directly related to the brightness level. Likewise, typical brightness is different from the HBM (High Brightness Mode), which usually has twice or more peak nits value and only applies to certain portions of the display.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra' Corning Glass Armor compared to iPhone 15 Pro Max
Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Corning Glass Armor compared to iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Ceramic Shield. / © X/u/IceUniverse

By comparison, only very few devices are on par or have a higher brightness than the 1,200 nits allegedly present in the iPhone 16 Pro’s display. Last year’s Galaxy S23 range (review) featured 1,200 nits typical brightness while the Galaxy S24 (review) has an unspecified level, although it is presumed higher than its predecessor’s.

A brighter display doesn’t always mean better visibility

The most apparent advantage of having higher brightness is increased display legibility, especially when you are outdoors or are in sunny conditions. Of course, the type of glass panel used also contributes to the reflectivity that subsequently affects the overall screen visibility. This was addressed by Samsung in the Galaxy S24 Ultra (review) which comes with a new Gorilla Armor glass that boasts 75 percent less surface reflection.

In addition to the brighter displays, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are rumored to feature slightly wider screens, with the smaller entry close to 6.3-inches across diagonally while the Max measures 6.9-inches across diagonally. Both seem to retain the pill-shaped Dynamic Island cutout and flat display profile.

Apple has not officially scheduled the iPhone 16’s launch, but it is expected to happen in September with the revamped Watch Series 10 and Watch Ultra 3 most likely go official as well.

What are your thoughts about the iPhone 16 Pro’s alleged brighter display? Do you think it would be too much and you prefer having other types of display improvements instead? Let’s discuss your opinion in the comments.


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