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Is the OnePlus 11 waterproof, and does it have an IP rating?

You’re about to buy a OnePlus 11, but want to know if the phone has any degree of protection from the wet stuff. Is the OnePlus 11 waterproof, and does it have an IP rating?

This is an important question to ask before buying any smartphone. As careful as you may think you are with your devices, life happens. All it takes is one accident to drop your phone in the sink, get caught in the rain with it, or for it to take a tumble in the pool. If you have an IP rating, these things aren’t a big deal. But if not, you’re in for a headache.

The OnePlus 11 is waterproof (sort of)

The back of the OnePlus 11 against some ice.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The good news is, yes, the OnePlus 11 has an IP64 rating, but before you rush off and buy the phone thinking it’ll survive a dunking in the bath, we better explain what that actually means.

An IP64 rating means the OnePlus 11 has a degree of protection from both water and dust. The first number refers to solids rather than liquids, and a six is the maximum amount of dust protection measured on the IP rating scale. It means the OnePlus 11 is entirely sealed from dust, so it cannot enter the device and cause havoc inside that may prevent it from working. This is good news.

The second number refers to the amount of protection the device has against water ingress. A four is the mid-way point on the scale, and it means the OnePlus 11 is protected against splashed water and has been tested against ingress for a period of 10 minutes. It does not mean the OnePlus 11 will survive being immersed in water, or if it’s hit by strong jets of water. So while waterproof isn’t the right word, it’s fair to say the OnePlus 11 is water-resistant.

Why the OnePlus 11’s IP64 rating is important

Someone holding The OnePlus 11. We see the back of the phone in its green color.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

OnePlus hasn’t always put its smartphones through the IP-rating process and has, in the past, simply said some of its phones are splash-proof without backing the claim up with an IP rating. The IP64 rating given to the OnePlus 11 gives you some additional confidence in the phone’s ability to function if it gets wet. Just don’t think it means the OnePlus 11 is waterproof, as it most definitely isn’t. It is a step up from the IP54 rating given to the OnePlus 10T, but it can’t match the IP68 rating given to the iPhone 14 and the Pixel 7.

The IP64 rating joins two other key durability features on the OnePlus 11. The back is made from Gorilla Glass 5, while the screen is covered in Gorilla Glass Victus, so the body will offer a decent degree of protection in the event of a short accidental fall. It’s always worth wrapping your phone up in a case, though, as this will help it survive if the fall is on a hard surface.

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