Saturday, July 13, 2024

Is this the first Apple mixed reality headset hardware leak?

Apple is expected to announce its Reality Pro mixed reality headset this year. A selection of photos might just be the first hardware leak.


Apple is strongly linked with launching its first mixed reality headset later in 2023 and a new leak appears to have given us our first look at real parts that will be used in the headset’s assembly.

Apple hasn’t officially announced the mixed reality headset, dubbed Reality Pro by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. But the device has leaked into oblivion over the years and is now expected to debut soon.


The smart money right now seems to be on Apple announcing the Reality Pro headset at its WWDC conference in June.

Now, Twitter leaker Mr-White has shared four images that appear to show parts that will be used in the device. The images show ribbon cables and sensors, with the only one of real note being the one at the top of this piece.

That image shows a pair of ribbon cables that seem to be shaped to fit around two displays that will be placed in front of a user’s eyes. It’s likely that the cables will connect components to a main source of data, like a logic board in a Mac, for example.

The Mr-White Twitter account is a protected one, so we can’t embed the tweet here. But the other images are a variation on the same theme – and the one above is the image showing parts most clearly designed to live inside a headset.

That headset is expected to very much be a version 1.0 product once it does finally ship after years of rumours. The Reality Pro headset is expected to cost around $3,000 and be limited in a number of ways. A bulky design and two-hour external battery are rumoured, but Apple is thought to want to iterate on the product with future versions.

That’s a similar approach to the one Apple took with the Apple Watch. The first model was limited, but the product has grown to become the best-selling watch on the planet.

The Reality Pro headset has some way to go before it can follow suit based on the leaks we’ve seen to date.


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