Saturday, June 15, 2024

Is your iPhone Photo Library cluttered and taking up storage? This shortcut will help you take control of your images and declutter your digital memories for good

I love taking photos and screenshots on my iPhone. I regularly snap pics to remember things or take a screenshot to send to a friend. While that means I have a fully-fledged Photo Library with photos of most things that happen in my life, it also means my Photo app is crammed full of useless images that I don’t need ever again. I’m always running low on storage because of it, but that all changed this week when I found a shortcut that lets me take full control over the images I keep on my smartphone.

The shortcut, created by trippbaby17 on Reddit, compiles a list of all the photos you’ve taken during the day and asks you which ones you want to delete, allowing you to get rid of junk with just a few clicks. 


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