Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Is your smartphone running Android 14?

Although we originally expected it in August — and then SeptemberAndroid 14 finally arrived in October, timed perfectly to the changing of the leaves and the launch of some new Google hardware. Fast-forward nearly two months, and it’s easy to see that this year’s OS upgrade was successful, if relatively understated. No major bugs, sure, but in comparison to larger overhauls like Android 12 (or some of Google’s own Pixel-exclusive features) it’s easy to see how some users may have felt a little underwhelmed.

Thankfully, even those outside the world of first-party hardware have managed to get their hands on this year’s update. Samsung was quick to launch its One UI 6 beta this year, well before a stable build of Android 14 was even available. Now, less than eight weeks after its initial rollout, we’re seeing Android 14 reach sub-flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy S23 FE. That’s some mighty quick turnaround, and it’s something we only hope to see continue as devices like the Galaxy A54 prepare for their own update.

Outside of Samsung, things are moving a little more slowly. The OnePlus 11 started getting Android 14 in India last week, with a launch planned for the US sooner rather than later, but annoyingly, there’s no word yet (as far as I can find) about when the company’s new foldable will see an upgrade. Companies like Asus and Nothing have either confirmed updates or have started testing behind closed doors, but without a set timetable in place, it’s tough to predict when we’ll see builds in the wild. And Motorola, as excellent as this year’s devices have been, continue to struggle on the software front, effectively twiddling their collective thumbs without much of a word on timely Android 14 launches.

So, I’m curious. With Android 14’s earliest couple of months having seen both quick launches and quiet delays, is your phone running Google’s latest software? Or are you still waiting for a patch meant for your smartphone? Maybe you don’t even care — after all, the most important features these days are launched through Play Services, not via annual upgrades. If that’s so, let us know in the comments below.


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