Friday, July 19, 2024

It’s not just you, Instagram is currently down

If you’re experiencing issues when trying to use Instagram on Wednesday night, you’re not alone. Instagram is currently facing outages and is down for users around the world. Heres what we now know about the issue affecting Instagram users.

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The outage has been causing Instagram to not load content such as posts from the feed and Stories. Users have been seeing messages like “Couldn’t refresh feed” and “Couldn’t load posts.” Other users are seeing messages saying that their devices are not connected to the internet when opening Instagram, even though they’re connected.

According to DownDetector, the first reports of outages affecting Instagram occurred around 8:30 p.m. ET. On Twitter, many users are also complaining about Instagram not working right now. There’s even a hashtag #InstagramDown that’s in the trends in some regions around the world.

Interestingly, other users have been able to access Instagram as usual despite the error messages. Last month, Instagram was also affected by another major outage that prevented users from creating new posts or Stories.

Instagram is yet to confirm the outage. We’ll update this article once the platform details the issues or the outage is fixed.


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