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KB5025239 is causing major Windows 11 issues for some users

KB5025239 issues in Windows 11
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Unsurprisingly, Windows 11’s latest update, KB5025239, a mandatory security patch, is causing issues for some users. The problems range from File Explorer (explorer.exe) crashes to icons disappearing from the desktop to performance issues and even SSD slowdown.

This article is based on user reports received by Windows Latest via emails and comments and posts on Reddit and Microsoft’s own Feedback Hub.

Reports indicate that these problems are not widespread. Some of the issues that users have reported include problems with third-party UI customization apps, bugged-out Windows Security, SSD speed issues, unresponsive desktop icons, and navigation menu bugs, among others.

We have received multiple comments on our forum and emails from readers confirming severe performance issues similar to what was observed in the previous update. Users told us they are experiencing longer boot times, slower SSD performance after installing the latest updates (KB5025239, KB5025224).

Here’s a list of all problems in the latest update:

  • SSD performance issues cause slower boot times.
  • Windows Security app interface is broken, and it incorrectly reports that TPM 2.0 is not installed and the device is vulnerable because LSA protection is off when enabled.
  • Unresponsive desktop icons or icons disappear and reappear after installing the update.
  • Windows Update stuck or fails with unhelpful error messages.
  • Issues with File Explorer, taskbar and Task Manager.
  • BSODs in rare cases.

A growing number of users are complaining that since installing Windows 11’s April 11 cumulative update, released as a mandatory security patch, their devices run slower than usual. Apps, games and the OS itself are much slower. This is likely because the speed of SSDs (solid-state drives) has dropped dramatically.

Other issues include unresponsive desktop icons, navigation menu bugs responding slowly on Task Manager, and the Search bar bug displaying results of apps other than those searched for in Task Manager.

One user reported that the update remained unchanged for hours after 5% installation, and even after pausing the update and deleting the SoftwareDistribution folder, the update still happened in the folder.

The update also affects Windows Security, displaying graphical errors and incorrect TPM information. Despite the recent update, users have also reported that the LSA error is still present.

How to fix KB5025239 issues

We do not believe these issues are widespread and cannot determine how many people are affected by Windows 11 update issues. However, a growing number of users appear to be running into these problems.

Thankfully, it is possible to uninstall the update and fix these issues. If your device has run into problems after Windows 11 April 2023 update, try uninstalling it by following these steps: Open the Start menu, search for Windows Update, and from there, click ‘View Update History’, and click uninstall the update.

Select KB5025239 and click ‘Uninstall’. You’ll need to reboot your PC, which will fix the problems.


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