Tuesday, April 16, 2024

LIFX Outdoor lights debut for the first time with Matter

LIFX today is launching its new lineup of outdoor smart lights. Now available for purchase, the whole collection brings its signature addressable LED Polychrome tech to four new releases. All slated to get Matter support, you’ll find weather-resistant string lights, flexible outdoor lightstrips, and the first LIFX path lights.

LIFX used to be one of our favorite smart home brands at 9to5Toys. Over the past few years, the company has slowly been fading out of the spotlight. Where have the new releases been? Where was the ambitious update plan the company had detailed back when I met with them at the final CES before the pandemic started? Nowhere to be found, until now, at least.

Today, the company is announcing its first batch of new products in years with a foray into the outdoor lighting market. Making good use of its time away, LIFX has four new weather-resistant offerings out today – all of which are launching exclusively from Home Depot.

Even without new products through those dark ages in the early 2020s, LIFX gear was still worth recommending for its exceptional color recreation. That’s being brought into its new outdoor lineup, alongside some firsts for the brand. LIFX is finally embracing Matter support, offering HomeKit, Alexa, and Assistant support right out of the box. No hub is required, either!

LIFX’s signature SuperColor technology is also making its outdoor debut on the new lineup. It backs each of the releases with brighter outputs than the competition, alongside its multicolor Polychromatic feature.

The first of the new reveals is the LIFX Smart String Light. A notable upgrade to your patio or outdoor space, this string light has 12 bulbs that feature the company’s customizable color effects with 600 lumens of output. It’s rated with an IP66 weather-resistance seal of approval, and measures 30-feet.

Pricing is set at $129.95 for the new LIFX Smart String Light.

LIFX Matter

Next up, there’s the new LIFX Smart Neon Flex Light. This 16-foot lightstrip is also ready to handle the elements with an IP67 water-resistance rating covering its flexible design. It can dish out 2,150 lumens of light on the brightest setting and also includes the same addressable LED design as the other new LIFX outdoor accessories.

The LIFX Smart Neon Flex Light is now available at $169.97.

Matter support will also be coming to the new LIFX Path Lights. There are both square and round designs, based on which aesthetic you like better, each of which feature the same Polychrome lighting technology as the rest of the lineup. In this case, specifically, there are six addressable lighting zones to go with the 500-lumen output on the square model and 800-lumen lighting on the round path light.

Pricing is set at $109.97 for the square path light, while the round model clocks in at $149.

LIFX Matter

Finally, LIFX’s outdoor lineup of Matter lights comes to a close with the new Smart Spotlight. This IP66-rated fixture shines at 1,600 lumens and has 3 unique addressable zones thanks to its Polychrome technology. It stakes right into the ground, too.

Each of the LIFX Smart Spotlights sell for $59.95.

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