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‘Looks far worse than it is’ says owner of Porsche Cayman completely gutted in blaze – but it’s up for a bargain sum

A PORSCHE Cayman is for sale for just £6,000, – but it was destroyed in a fire.

The badly burnt motor was listed on Facebook Marketplace.

The burnt Porsche


The burnt PorscheCredit: Jam Press
It was listed on Facebook Marketplace


It was listed on Facebook MarketplaceCredit: Jam Press
It can be snapped up for just £6,000


It can be snapped up for just £6,000Credit: Jam Press

Brand new, the sporty 183mph cars would have cost £100,000.

But it is for sale at the knockdown price and it’s not hard to see why.

The front seat and dashboard appear largely intact.

But the exterior of the sports car is charred black in parts and stripped clean of paint in others.

Only small traces of the original bright red coat are visible.

The front and rear bumpers are partly melted and some windows are missing.

The remaining panes are so cracked and dirty you can’t see a thing through them.

Despite the extensive damage, the seller in Millbury, Massachusetts, US was asking for $7,500 (£6,000) in return for the car built in 2007.

The seller said: “My opinion is that it looks far worse than it is.

“Once the melted plastic and damaged paint are removed from the car it’s going to look a lot different.

I found three classic Porsches left abandoned outside a shop… the owner had ‘disappeared off the face of the earth’

“The engine area looks fine. As the carpets and covers are intact.

“This car is really a must-see in person, and not for the faint of heart.”

He didn’t reveal how the car had ended up such a mangled, melted mess.


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