Sunday, April 21, 2024

Meet Bigscreen Beyond, the world’s smallest VR headset

Stepping into the metaverse is about to get a lot more comfortable, thanks to Bigscreen’s low-profile and lightweight solution.


Bigscreen has announced a new VR headset that’s smaller and lighter than anything before it, and it’s making waves in the VR enthusiast community.

The brand had previously focused its efforts on software, releasing the Bigscreen app, which allows you to watch movies in a virtual theatre using a headset like the Quest 2.


Now, the company is trying its hand at hardware for the first time, and we must say it’s an impressive debut.

The Beyond headset weighs just 127 grams, is roughly 6 times lighter than the competition, and has a low profile form factor that reminds us of DJI’s latest FPV goggles.

To achieve this size, Bigscreen has used 1-inch OLED microdisplays along with pancake lenses. But, despite the size, the specs are still looking to impress.

The headset offers a resolution of 5120 x 2560 with a 90Hz refresh rate and a 90 x 93-degree field of view.

So, what’s the catch? Well, this is a PC VR headset, so you’ll need a decently powerful gaming rig if you want to use it. There doesn’t seem to be a wireless solution, either, so you will have to be on board with a cabled solution.

Just like the Varjo Aero that we reviewed recently, it doesn’t come with controllers or base stations, so it seems that Bigscreen is targeting enthusiasts who may already have this hardware.

Bigscreen Beyond


There’s also no IPD adjustment on board, instead, it will be offered in 15 sizes, and will require buyers to scan their faces so that a custom face plate can be made for them at purchase.

This custom fit will ensure excellent comfort and no light leak, but it also means that sharing the headset will require additional faceplates to be ordered, and selling it on will be equally troublesome.

Still, if you want the most comfortable and advanced headset for PC VR, this could be one to watch. It begins shipping in Q3 2023 and will cost $999 including the custom face cushion. Preorders are open now.


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