Monday, June 24, 2024

Meta AR smart glasses planned for 2025, company tells employees

Meta wants to be able to ship its own smart glasses by 2025, the company told employees.


Meta plans to be able to ship a pair of third-generation smart glasses in 2025, complete with a camera and augmented reality technology.

While Meta hasn’t formally confirmed that it is working on the product, a new report cites a company AR/VR roadmap presentation as having outed the plans for 2025 and beyond.

The Verge reports that Alex Himel, the company’s vice president for AR, told employees that there will be a number of devices that launch all the way through 2027 with the first launch coming as soon as this year with the second generation of the company’s smart glasses. But then it’s looking beyond that, to 2025.


“In 2025, Himel said the third generation of the smart glasses will ship with a display that he called a ‘viewfinder’ for viewing incoming text messages, scanning QR codes, and translating text from another language in real time,” the report says. “The glasses will come with a ‘neural interface’ band that allows the wearer to control the glasses through hand movements, such as swiping fingers on an imaginary D-pad. Eventually, he said the band will let the wearer use a virtual keyboard and type at the same words per minute as what mobile phones allow.”

That virtual keyboard sounds similar to the air typing that we recently heard that Apple is also working on for this year’s expected AR/VR headset launch.

The same report says that while Meta recently canned plans to launch a smartwatch of its own, the idea isn’t completely dead. Meta has designs on launching a smartwatch alongside the 2025 glasses, it says.

“We don’t want people to have to choose between an input device on their wrist and smartwatch functionality that they’ve come to love,” The Verge reports Himel as having said. “So we are building a neural interfaces watch. Number one, this device will do input: input to control your glasses, input to control the functionality on your wrist, and input to control the world around you.”

Of course, it’s important to remember that Meta is a long way from actually launching these things and we know that it’s good at cancelling projects before they ship. With 2025 still a ways away we can expect there to be plenty more bumps and turns before anyone’s wearing Ray-Ban-like Meta glasses anywhere apart from inside Mark Zuckerberg’s head.


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