Friday, May 24, 2024

Meta’s Quest 2 will now only cost you $199

Key Takeaways

  • Meta has permanently lowered its Quest 2 to $199 for the 128GB model, compared to its previous price point of $249.
  • Accessories for Quest 2 also saw price reductions, creating a more affordable VR experience at the entry-level.
  • Meta’s aggressive price drop may be aimed at selling older stock and getting its headsets into more people’s hands.

The ever-popular Quest 2 VR headset has received a permanent price drop, Meta has announced in a new blog post. The 128 GB model, which previously cost $249, will now be listed at a price of $199 by retailers.


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“From home fitness to fully immersive gaming to 2D entertainment, Meta Quest 2 is the most affordable way to tap into everything VR has to offer — and we’re doubling down by making our recent price drop permanent,” says Meta.

This is the second time Meta has dropped the price of the Quest 2 in recent months. The product was previously priced at $300, and was dropped down to $249 back in January.

Meta is also reducing the asking price for some of the Quest 2 accessories it sells. The Elite Strap is dropping from $50 down to $24.00, the Elite Strap with Battery is dropping from $90 down to $45, and the Carrying Case is going from $45 down to $20. The company’s Active Pack is now reduced from $60 down to $30, and its Fit Pack is seeing its price drop from $40 down to $20.

The price drop isn’t necessarily surprising, considering the company’s Quest 3 successor headset launched back in October. The newer generation model goes for $499, and so Meta appears to be positioning the Quest 2 as a more budget-conscious option.

That being said, this latest price drop is fairly aggressive, perhaps signaling Meta’s intention to offload existing stock of the older-gen device. The company is also no doubt hoping the cheaper entry price will get some extra Quest headsets into the hands of more consumers.

Working on Apple Vision Pro

The VR headset market is gaining traction

The virtual reality market is continuing to heat up. With Apple’s launch of its Vision Pro headset in February, more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and legitimizing the product category. While Apple is aiming for the high-end segment of the market with its ‘special computing’ device, Meta’s now-cheaper Quest 2 appeals to an entirely different audience.

Of course, Meta still sells its more expensive and higher-tech Quest 3 headset, which will give you a relatively state-of-the-art VR experience for a lot less money than Apple’s headset. Whether the consumer market has room for multiple VR platforms in the long run is anyone’s guess. For now, the arms race appears to be just warming up.


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