Friday, May 24, 2024
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Microsoft News: Xbox takes over PlayStation Store, Fallout tops charts, and more

Some strange things are happening in the worlds of Microsoft, Windows, and Xbox. The PlayStation Store charts are full of Microsoft-owned games, Fallout games that are almost a decade old have skyrocketed in popularity, and Microsoft and OpenAI are reportedly working on an AI project called “Stargate.” In context, all of those stories make sense, but if you’ve only had a chance to glance at the headlines, some of them would seem quite odd. Luckily, we’re here to run through the biggest stories of the week and make everything make sense.

Xbox takes over PlayStation Store


Microsoft games outnumbered Sony titles in the top charts of the PlayStation Store this week. (Image credit: Jennifer Locke | Windows Central)

In a headline no one would have expected 10 years ago, Microsoft took over the PlayStation Store this week. No, Microsoft did not hack the PlayStation Store or buy Sony. The tech giant did, however, claim several of the top spots in the PlayStation Store. Perhaps most notably, Microsoft-owned titles held more top-25 spots than Sony’s collective works.

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