Monday, June 24, 2024

Microsoft Unveils the New Sticky Notes App for Windows

What to know

  • Microsoft has announced its new Sticky Notes app that comes with a few convenient note-taking features.
  • The new Sticky Notes app will allow screenshots, remembering their source, and returning to them. The app can also be docked to the desktop and used side-by-side next to other apps and windows. 
  • Currently, Sticky Notes is available only to Microsoft 365 preview users (Current Channel), from within the OneNote app. 

Microsoft took to its Insider blog to introduce a new and updated version of the Sticky Notes app for Windows. The latest Sticky Notes is a major upgrade to the run-of-the-mill note-taking app that it used to be, with a variety of new features that make using it convenient and intuitive. Here’s more on the same.

Microsoft announces the new Sticky Notes app for Windows

Image: Insider.Microsoft365

The overhaul of the Sticky Notes app brings with it the ability to capture screenshots and keep them as part of your notes.

The source of the screenshot will be included in the note, thereby allowing you to check its origins and in some cases, like websites and apps, reopen them as well. Additionally, when you return to the same websites, the notes you took while you were on the website last will rise to the top. 

Apart from these, the Sticky Notes app will also dock to the desktop for those who want to use it side-by-side with other apps.

Although currently the Sticky Notes app is launched from within OneNote (in a cruel note within a note joke), future updates will allow users to launch it separately as well.

Image: Insider.Microsoft365

Do note also that this new Sticky Notes app upgrade is available only to Current Channel (Preview) users running OneNote on Windows version 2402 (Build 17328.20000) or later. 


Let’s consider a few commonly asked questions about the new Sticky Notes app for Windows.

Do I need a Microsoft 365 subscription to open the new Sticky Notes app?

Although the new Sticky Notes app can open only from within the OneNote app, this is expected to change in a future update and users will be able to open it without having to access OneNote. 

When is the new Sticky Notes app expected to roll out to stable builds?

Although Microsoft hasn’t revealed a date for the final rollout of the app on stable builds, one can expect it to happen within a few weeks since it already is available for users in the Current Channel (Preview) of Microsoft 365. 


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