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Moment T-Series Lenses debut for iPhone and Android smartphone

Moment today is launching its latest collection of smartphone lenses. Fit for the next generation of iPhone and Android smartphones, eight new mobile lenses are now available alongside updated accessories.

Meet the new Moment T-Series lenses

When it comes to smartphone photography accessories, there really isn’t anyone else in the game doing as thorough of a job at Moment. Its signature iPhone and Android lenses have long been the gold standard of upgrading the shooting capabilities of your handset’s built-in glass, and now the company is upcoming those accessories for the next several generations of smartphones.

If you’re unfamiliar, several years back Moment launched a series of clip on smartphone lenses. When paired with companion cases, these would let you outfit your handset with various different pieces of glass to offer more cinematic looks to your footage or photos. But that current lineup of lenses have been identical since first introduced back in the 2010s. Since then, smartphone camera sensors have made major strides. So now, Moment is back with an updated roster to take full advantage of the larger sensors and improved shooting capabilities.

Meet the new Moment T-Series iPhone lenses.

The new T-Series releases start with improved glass that can now keep up with as high as 108MP sensors. Moment notes that it is using the same materials that Sony uses for its professional lenses, while also improving the design to help educe distortion and improve the quality of photos around the edges.

These aren’t just for iPhones, either. The new Moment T-Series lenses are also being made with Android smartphones more in mind than the original M-Series. The camera sensors on Android handsets quickly outgrew the design of the M-Series lenses and made the latest devices from Google and Samsung largely incompatible. The new lenses look to fix that in much the same way that they provide coverage for the next several years of iPhone models.

At launch, Moment will be debuting eight different lenses.

Anamorphic 1.33x & 1.55x – $150

Bring a cinematic look to your video camera with rich flares, a 16:9 wide screen, and true black bars. Our Blue Flares give you the early 1960’s, JJ Abrams inspired look. While our Gold Flares bring that warm aesthetic you’d find in a Pre-36 anamorphic lens.

Tele 58mm – $150

Our most popular lens, The 58mm can be a classic portrait lens or transform into your traditional zoom lens bringing you closer to your subjects. You can achieve a 2x optical zoom of your main camera or a 4x optical zoom over your telephoto. Even add some natural bokeh as you get closer to your subject.

Wide 18mm – $130

Still our go-to lens, this gives you a flatter, more organic wide shot. With an 18mm lens, you can enjoy a consistent wide-angle view, without the distortion you pick up with a phone’s ultra-wide lens.

Fisheye 14mm – $120

Capture the widest possible shot on your phone. with our full frame fisheye. Wider than an ultra-wide and cheaper than a GoPro our 14mm allows you to use the full image sensor on your phone without dark corners or vignetting. Best for action, use the 14mm to get extra close.

Macro 10x – $120

Our really really close lens. Capture life-sized images of the smallest objects from an inch away. This lens is amazing at capturing rich textures, materials, or living things that on your phone were never before capable of seeing.

Pre-orders on all of the new Moment T-Series lenses are now available. You can head over to the official Moment store to check out the entire collection of new accessories for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

We have previously taken hands-on looks at the Moment M-Series lenses and walked away impressed every time. I remember the first time I tried these iPhone upgrades while on a trip in Maine and how blown away I was by the kind of photos I could take. That original review is still a great resource to see how these accessories stack up – except now the performance is going to be even better when paired with more recent iPhones and Android devices.

Speaking of those older M-Series lenses, Moment has no plans on phasing them out of existence any time soon. While the lineup itself might not receive any new models over the years, the company does plan on still releasing drop-in lens mounts compatible with the latest smartphones several years into the future.

If you’re just looking to completely move over to the new Moment T-Series lenses, the company is also going to have a 120-day trade-in program available for existing customers. Offering store credit towards some of those shiny new lenses, you’ll be able to upgrade to the latest and greatest releases for less than retail.

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