Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Motorists warned of winter driveway misery – how to prevent car trouble

Motorists with driveways are being urged to make use of key tips to help them keep safe and ensure they can prevent any buildup of unwanted winter weather. Snow and ice may appear beautiful, but they can be extremely dangerous to vehicles and people, especially on paths and driveways.

Drivers can take steps to de-ice their driveway, which could involve a slightly earlier start to dedicate five to 10 minutes to it.

They should ensure they clear away any snow first and then sprinkle rock salt on their driveway.

People can splash some warm water to speed up the process and shovel any remaining ice to prevent it from freezing again.

Other techniques have been praised in a bid to help drivers keep safe in the winter, as well as improving the quality of the driveway.

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Remove snow and ice manually

The colder months can bring snow and ice onto driveways and shovelling it off is the best way to keep it safe.

Motorists can make a clear path, which will then be less likely to encounter icy patches again.

Anna Hampshire, Head of Marketing at Marshalls, added: “If you’re considering different materials for your driveway, you may be wondering which material would be most suited to the look you want to achieve and doesn’t require too much maintenance.  

“Concrete is a hard-wearing, long-lasting driveway material choice and can be finished in a surprising number of ways, as the poured variety can be stamped with patterns. It has a very long lifespan of four decades or more.

“Whichever material you select for your driveway, the most important fact to remember is that this is what you’ll return home to for years to come. So, take your time, do your research and make the choice that’s best for you.”


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