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Motorola’s Cheaper Razr Lite Foldable May Undercut the Galaxy Z Flip 4

It was already revealed Motorola is working on two models of its next-gen foldable smartphone which include the Razr+ that has been leaked a couple of times. A new set of rendered pictures that surfaced online is allegedly showing a lite or cheaper version of the foldable, and it could be released along with the more capable Razr+ later this year.

In the previous battery details report of the Razr+ 2023, it was mentioned of another foldable variant, possibly in a full folding design. It turns out this is likely a toned-down version of the Razr+ which is now unofficially bearing a moniker of Razr Lite.

Difference between the Motorola Razr+ and Razr Lite

Courtesy of frequent leaker OnLeaks (via MySmartPrice), the folding device is evidently fitted with a far smaller cover display compared to the current Razr 2022 Matt has reviewed or the Razr+ with a full-screen display. Rather of occupying the center section of the front, the miniscule screen is seemingly housed on a flat glass with the main dual cameras on it. Furthermore, it is not detailed what is the panel size will be.

Motorola Razr Lite 2023
Motorola Razr Lite 2023 clamshell foldable design. / © MySmartPrice

It’s unknown what are the remaining specs or features that separate the two Motorola foldable devices. Presumably, we may see the Lenovo-acquired company offering a dated processor on the Razr Lite. The camera setups could also see some downgrades too, although it’s early to tell to what extent it will differ from the Razr+.

Motorola Razr Lite 2023
Motorola Razr Lite’s smaller cover display. / © MySmartPrice

Motorola Razr 2023 release date and price

Based on an earlier report, Motorola is set to announce the Razr+ on June 1. But with the Razr Lite appearing out of nowhere, the launch event could see the two Razr models.

As for the pricing, the Motorola Razr 2022 debuted with a $999 price tag and the Razr+ is expected to carry the same retail. On the other hand, it is safe to say the Razr Lite with reduced specifications may command a price range of $700 to $800, which could undercut the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Oppo Find N2 Flip.

With a more affordable Razr Lite on the horizon, should prominent manufacturers also introduce cheaper foldable phones? How much are you willing to spend on it? Tell us your thoughts. We’re listening.


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