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My annoying colleague kept stealing my parking spot… so I got revenge

A MAN got revenge after his neighbour kept stealing his parking spot.

Posting under the username Kenny on TikTok, the disgruntled motorist detailed his struggles parking his car outside.

A man took revenge after his neighbour stole his parking spot every day


A man took revenge after his neighbour stole his parking spot every dayCredit: Tiktok/@kennytwo74
He jokingly decided to take action by placing a cone in that spot


He jokingly decided to take action by placing a cone in that spotCredit: Tiktok/@kennytwo74

The video starts with him explaining that his neighbour had been “stealing” his parking spot everyday.

But this time Kenny had a tongue in cheek solution and he revealed that he has now put a orange cone in the parking space.

The cheeky motorist added “well not today bish” as he filmed himself placing the cone there while his neighbour drove off.

As always TikTokers were quick to jump on the comedic viral video and weigh in with their opinion.

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Many rightly found Kenny’s actions hilarious and supported putting the cone there.

One TikToker said: “Ha! I’m on board with that kind of petty.”

“Teach that girl a lesson!” said a second.

“That cone won’t stop them lol!” laughed another.

While one user quipped: “If he steals it every day…. that’s his spot.”

Another asked: “If you are there then can’t you just park there when he leaves?”

Kenny replied: “He takes it when I go to lunch. It’s really not that big of a deal. Just joking around. Lol.”

How can I stop my neighbour using my parking spot?

The first thing to remember is that nobody has an automatic right to park outside their own home.

With this in mind, you will need to resolve the situation in an amicable manner, so it is important to remain calm.

Always remember, providing they are not breaking the Highway Code, all road users are technically entitled to park outside your house in most instances.

Having a friendly word with the neighbour in question is the first port of call, you may find that they did not realise that their parking habits bothered you.

If your street issues parking permits, anyone with one will be able to park anywhere along the road.

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Drivers may be tempted to save the spot outside their house using a wheelie bin or cones.

However, this can be classed as an obstruction in the road and you may end up being reported to the local council or the police.


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