Saturday, July 13, 2024
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My favorite fighting game is DIRT CHEAP right now, but play with caution: You might go insane

Though I’ve never felt drawn to many fighting games, one that immediately caught my eye when it released back in 2017 is Ubisoft’s For Honor. I was an instant fan of its wholly unique “Art of Battle” third-person combat system, large character roster, and dark medieval setting, and over time, its status as my favorite multiplayer fighting game has been solidified. With that said, I’ve also been grappling with how I feel about it for a long time now, and there are some things you should know before you jump in yourself (you’ll find my full thoughts below).

Right now, the For Honor Complete Edition that’s normally $100 is on sale for just $17.20 at GMG (Ubisoft Connect, PC) for Black Friday, and it gives you access to the majority of the game’s playable heroes as well as all of its game modes and some cosmetics. A similar deal is available for Xbox players as well, and less advanced editions of For Honor are heavily discounted under $10 on both platforms, too.

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The double-edged sword that is For Honor

A Raider and a Kensei duking it out in For Honor. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Compared to the majority of fighting titles that operate on a 2D plane, For Honor’s 3D third-person swordfighting system stands out quite a bit. In it, you’re able to both attack and defend yourself in three different directions, utilizing various offensive and defensive maneuvers to cut down your foes or guard against their strikes. Every character can light attack, heavy attack (and feint those heavies, if they want), block, parry, dodge, or guard break, but each individual hero has unique combos and mixups they can perform to keep opponents on their toes. These lead into special moves like unblockable or undodgeable attacks, bashes, and knockdowns.


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