Monday, May 20, 2024

Neighbours keep charging EVs via cables running out windows & over pavements – it’s SO dangerous but nothing stops them

NEIGHBOURS have criticised electric vehicle charging cables – with many snaking along pavements and hanging outside windows.

The “technicially illegal” and “stupendously dangerous” technique is used by EV drivers who can’t access a charging port near their home.

Neighbours have criticised the use of EV charging cables


Neighbours have criticised the use of EV charging cablesCredit: tiktok

A video uploaded to TikTok by @thefastcharge reported that “towns and cities are installing lampost chargers” to make streets safer.

Living Streets, a charity which campaigns for ‘everyday walking’ had previously issued a warning about ‘trailing cables’ on pavements.

The charity’s Director of Policy and Communications Tanya Braun said: “The rollout of EV charging points should not come at the expense of pedestrians.

“Trailing cables present serious problems for people with wheelchairs, buggies or guide dogs, preventing them from getting around easily and safely.

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The clip then discusses how cable gullies have been discussed as a viable alternative for EV owners.

“Some say this will be a better way to solve this problem because people can use their own supply and maybe more easily share chargers with their neighbours,” the voiceover continues.

“But I cannot even begin to fathom the level of bureaucracy that is going to be needed to get council permission.”

Many flocked to the comments to slam the decision to own an EV over diesel for the reasons highlighted.

Why do people buy electric cars when they have no access or struggle like this , to much stress for a car,” one said.

Another user added: “It’s a trip hazard regardless.”

A third chimed in: “Imagine the injury claims with those cables everywhere.”

Many have recommended cable gullies as a remedy to the dangerous positioning of cables


Many have recommended cable gullies as a remedy to the dangerous positioning of cablesCredit: tiktok


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