Saturday, July 13, 2024

Never run out of battery with this ultra-portable charger for just $13 today

USB-C ports are ready to receive the juice from this reliable power bank.

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Anker Portable Charging Power Bank for USB-C Phones

$13 $18 Save $5

Power up your USB-C devices, including the new iPhone 15 models, with this reliable Anker power bank that delivers up to 12 watts of continuous energy.

Black Friday is coming, and if you’re anything like us, you have your eyes on some new gadgets. Whether you’re picking up a new iPhone, a cool foldable, AirPods, or other mobile accessory, chances are they’re going to charge via USB-C port. And while they’ll come with cords and wall plugs, sometimes you just don’t have easy access to an outlet. That’s where this sweet deal on an Anker portable charging bank comes in. It’s a reliable solution that’s also durable and budget friendly.

Why the Anker portable charging power bank is worth your money

There are few feelings quite as stressful as seeing your phone running out of battery when you have no way to charge it. We don’t always carry a plug around with us, and some places don’t have power at all. That’s why investing in a power bank like this one is a good idea. For less than the cost of two good sandwiches, you can have the peace of mind of multiple extra charges in a compact and portable chassis. This is a great pick because Anker has a strong reputation in the charger and battery space with over 55 million users, and $5 off drops it down to a can’t-beat price.

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Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology monitor the outflow of electricity and adjusts it to match demand, resulting in the most efficient battery usage. The MultiProtect safety system keeps your devices protected from overcharging and short circuits, as well as monitoring the charger’s temperature to prevent accidents. 10,000mAh of battery capacity means it can fully power up your phone or other devices multiple times in between recharging.

The power bank comes with a Micro USB cable for charging, as well as an 18-month warranty. We’d bet this price won’t last long, so pick the Anker portable charging power bank for USB-C phones up in advance of Black Friday.


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