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One of last year’s best PC games just came to Steam, and it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee

What you need to know

  • Buckshot Roulette, a game that reimagines the deadly game of chance Russian roulette with a 12-guage pump action shotgun, has been released on Steam after originally coming out on in 2023. A console version of the game is in the works as well.
  • The Steam version includes new gameplay items, achievements, and a leaderboard. Eventually, a multiplayer mode is coming to it as well.
  • The version of Buckshot Roulette will get the new items on April 18, though not achievements, the leaderboard, or the (planned) multiplayer mode since they’re all Steam-dependent.
  • The cost of the game on Steam is $2.99, an increase over its original $1.20 price on The price of the itch edition is going up to $2.99 on April 18 in accordance with Valve’s rules, though you can still buy it for $1.20 until then. 
  • From now until April 11, Buckshot Roulette is 10% off on Steam to celebrate its launch on the platform. That discount knocks the price down to $2.69.

2023 was a year chock-full of incredible game releases, but one you may have missed is Buckshot Roulette — a dark blend of horror and strategy that creatively reimagines Russian roulette by making you play it with a 12-gauge pump action shotgun. I first played and wrote about Mike Klubnika’s genius indie in early January when it was still exclusive to, but now, you can get it on Steam as well.

The version of the game on Valve’s PC gaming service includes achievements and an online leaderboard, as well as new gameplay items that spice things up for returning players like myself (I go over how the game works in detail below). Klubnika is also working with indie publisher CRITICAL REFLEX to add a highly anticipated multiplayer mode to the Steam edition of Buckshot Roulette “in the coming months,” and it’s even getting a console release so players on Xbox and other systems can enjoy this unique spin on the lethal game of chance.

Notably, in a blog post, Klubnika explained that the v1.2 update for the version of Buckshot Roulette that’ll bring it in-line with the current Steam one (sans the achievements and leaderboard) has been delayed until April 18 so they can “make sure that all the early supporters get a fun and bug-free experience.” When it does come out, its price will be raised from $1.20 to $2.99 to match the cost of the Steam release in accordance with Valve’s rules; if you don’t mind missing out on v1.2’s additions and the multiplayer mode coming in the future, you might want to get the game on itch before April 18 to save a few bucks.

The color red indicates that a round is live, while blue ones are blanks. (Image credit: CRITICAL REFLEX)

Set on the highest floor of a dingy nightclub behind closed doors, Buckshot Roulette invites you to challenge an enigmatic man known as “The Dealer.” The basic rules of Russian roulette with a shotgun are simple: a random selection of up to eight live (red) and blank (blue) shells are loaded into the weapon at the start of each round (you can see them for memorization before this happens) and both you and The Dealer take turns pulling the trigger. Your goal is to shoot him enough times to deplete his health before he does the same to you; if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can aim the weapon at yourself, and you get to skip his turn if the round in the chamber is a dud. If it’s not, well…


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