Saturday, April 13, 2024
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OnePlus 11: powerful smartphone for essentials such as streaming, browsing, gaming and taking photos

In a nutshell

The early flagship phones from OnePlus made their name by having top end specs but keeping the cost down to hundreds of euro less than the competition.

And while those days are behind the BBK-owned company now, its latest flagship OnePlus 11 is still a competitively priced high-end smartphone that’s impressive enough to recommend over more expensive Android competitors.

OnePlus 11 competitors

OnePlus 11’s main competition is the superb Google Pixel 7 Pro, which at €899 is only €70 more expensive.

Pixel 7 Pro was one of my favourite phones of 2022, narrowly ahead of OnePlus 10 Pro. It has excellent cameras, awesome software and a unique design. It’s one of the most fluid Android 13 handsets.

OnePlus 11 is a noticeably more zippy and powerful device especially for gaming and multitasking. It also has better battery life and much faster charging. But Pixel 7 Pro’s brilliant 5x optical zoom leaves OnePlus 11 standing.

The cheapest phone in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series costs €999, a cool €170 more than OnePlus 11. It doesn’t charge as quickly, and its battery is much smaller capacity.

Google Pixel 7 Pro cots €899

But it comes with a brighter and more dazzling display while matching the specs of the OnePlus chip and cameras and running an OS that’s arguably as fluid.


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