Friday, May 24, 2024

OpenAI just snubbed Windows 11 users with its Mac-only ChatGPT app – here’s why

OpenAI just announced its new GPT-4o (‘o’ for ‘omni’) model which combines text, video, and audio processing in real-time to answer questions, hold better conversations, solve maths problems, and more. It’s the most ‘human’-like iteration of the large language model (LLM) so far, available to all users for free shortly. GPT-4o has launched with a macOS app for ChatGPT Plus subscribers to try – but interestingly, there’s no Windows app just yet. 

A blog post from OpenAI specifies that the company “plan[s] to launch a Windows version later this year,” choosing instead to offer the tech to Mac users first. This is odd, considering Microsoft has pumped billions of dollars into OpenAI and has its own OpenAI-powered digital assistant, Copilot. So, you would think the platform to receive initial exclusive access to a groundbreaking bit of tech like GPT-4o would be Microsoft Windows.


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