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Oppo to launch F27 Pro+, India’s first IP69-rated, ‘waterproof’ smartphone: What does it really mean? | Technology News

Oppo is set to launch India’s first IP69-rated smartphone, the F27 Pro+, on June 13. While IP68 ratings are common on high-end flagship smartphones, the Oppo F27 Pro+ takes ingress protection to the next level with its IP69 rating, making it India’s first “waterproof rated” smartphone.

An IP69 rating, although seemingly a small step up from IP68, represents the highest level of ingress protection available on consumer-grade smartphones. This means it can withstand higher pressure and lower temperatures for extended periods, offering superior water and dust resistance.

According to Oppo China’s official website, the Oppo F27 Pro+ (a rebadged Oppo A13 Pro) can be submerged in water for half an hour and still function properly. In addition to its IP69 rating, the device is also certified for IP68 and IP66, ensuring robust protection against water and dust.

The phone can be fully submerged in water for a specific period, but these ratings only apply when the phone comes in contact with water and not any other liquid like soda, alcohol, or even seawater.

To achieve this feat, Oppo has re-engineered the F27 Pro+ from the inside out. The phone features Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for display protection and an all-around waterproof dam to prevent water ingress, even under extreme pressure and temperature. It is also resistant to hot water, with commercials showing users cleaning the F27 Pro+ in a washing machine.

The IP69 rating on the Oppo F27 Pro+ means it can withstand extreme conditions without risk of liquid or dust damage. However, if the device is damaged, repairs will likely not be covered under warranty.

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