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Palworld: How to get Ancient Civilization Parts

After the opening hours of your Palworld journey, one of the first things you should do is pursue making advanced items like the Egg Incubator. The first step of this process is researching and unlocking them with Ancient Technology Points. Once that’s done, you’ll then need to collect all the materials they require before you can actually craft them.

Each of these crafting recipes are unique, though they all require Ancient Civilization Parts. These can be pretty hard to find if you don’t know what their sources are, but luckily, we do — and we’re passing that information along to you in this guide. Here’s every way you can get Ancient Civilization Parts, as well as the best way to farm for them.

How to find Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Defeating boss Pals in the open world or in dungeons rewards you with Ancient Civilization Parts. (Image credit: Pocketpair)

To get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld, you’ll need to kill or capture Alpha Pal bosses in the open world and at the end of dungeons. These are bigger, stronger versions of regular Pals with red symbols next to their name and icons on the map. Alpha Pal bosses are considerably harder to defeat than their normal counterparts, but they drop one or two Ancient Civilization Parts every time you beat them (you also get an Ancient Technology Point the first time you do).


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