Friday, July 19, 2024

PC VR Exclusive ‘Boneworks’ is Now Entirely Playable on Quest Thanks to This Free ‘Bonelab’ Mod

Boneworks (2019), the physics-driven PC VR shooter from Stress Level Zero, isn’t a Quest-native game, but thanks to a third-party mod for Bonelab (2022), called ‘Labworks’, you can play the entire campaign on Quest—no PC required.

Developed by modder ‘volx64’, Labworks now includes the entire campaign of Boneworks, which can be played in Bonelab on a Quest 2/3/Pro.

In addition to being available on QuestBonelab is also on PC VR headsets via Steam and Meta PC, which means you can play the entire Boneworks campaign there too.

Porting the full Boneworks campaign has taken nearly two years, volx64 says, which includes all 12 levels from the game as well as a number of non-campaign/sandbox levels. Check out the trailer below to see Labworks in action:

Notably, when we reviewed Boneworks back in 2019, it took us around nine hours to complete the campaign—nearly double the size of the campaign in Bonelab—making for a sizeable amount of gameplay for Bonelab players on Quest who are looking for a new challenge.

If you need help installing Labworks on either PC or Quest, there’s a handy video guide from volx64. In addition to the required downloads, there are also full instructions available on its page where you can nab the admittedly very large mod.

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And in case you’ve never heard of either, here’s the one-pager: in Boneworks, players step into the shoes of Arthur Ford, a renegade cybersecurity director who delves into an incomplete simulated universe. They navigate surreal architecture and environments, which includes a range of experimental physics-based weapons to fight their way through.

Considered a sequel of sorts, in Bonelab the player controls an outcast who escapes death and explores experimental worlds in a research lab in MythOS. More physics-based madness and sandbox fun.


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