Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Photos of replica iPhone 15 Pro Max case show off the size of the new programmable Action button

Photographs of what is a replica case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max displayed by tipster Majin Bu on X (via AppleInsider), the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, shows off the new third button on the left side of the phone above the two volume buttons. Currently, this is where the Ring/Silent switch is found. With the switch all the way to the right and with no orange showing, the phone is in Ring mode and can play ringtones and alerts. Slide it to the left to enable Silent mode and you won’t hear ringtones and alerts but you will hear music or videos.
The photograph of the iPhone 15 Pro Max case on Majin Bu’s X post shows the Action button which is supposed to be the replacement for the Ring/Silent switch. Set to debut on the 2023 Pro models, this smaller button can be programmed to handle various tasks, For example, a user may want a light tap to activate the camera’s autofocus with a full press of the button resulting in the camera taking the photograph. That is one of the possible actions that the button can be set to perform according to code found in the iOS 17 beta.
The Apple Watch Ultra also has a programmable Action button that can be set to handle various tasks. Some believe that this tie in between the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 model and the Apple Watch Ultra will result in Apple naming its most expensive handset the iPhone 15 Ultra. Earlier this year we started to call the device the iPhone 15 Ultra but switched back to the iPhone 15 Pro Max moniker and have not changed since.
While the details seen on the case in the photos seem to match what we would normally see from a real Apple iPhone case such as the ring for MagSafe charging, the “lip” around the camera module to protect the camera lenses from a fall, and the Apple logo on the back, the tipster says that the case is a replica, not an official product.


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