Friday, May 24, 2024
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Pixel 9 Pro Fold Could Be The New Pixel Fold 2

A couple of months ago, Google reportedly delayed the launch of the Pixel Fold 2, touted to be the successor to the Pixel Fold. Apart from the timetable adjustment, Google could also introduce a vital change to the naming convention of its next-gen foldable smartphone.

Pixel Fold 2 no more?

According to an unnamed insider source cited by Android Authority, Google will shift to a different name for the Pixel Fold 2, at least internally. Instead, it is said the upcoming Pixel foldable is currently known as the ‘Pixel 9 Pro Fold’ within Google’s circles.

While the change has not been finalized, this development does suggest two major things. First, it could lend weight to speculation about the foldable being delayed until this fall. Hence, it’s logical for Google to announce the entire Pixel 9 line simultaneously, because announcing the Pixel 9 Pro Fold first will break the momentum going to the remaining Pixel 9 models.

The second is how the Pixel 9 Pro Fold could probably share most of the hardware with the Pixel 9 Pro. For instance, last year’s Pixel Fold was differentiated by having a different and muted camera setup compared to the Pixel 8 counterpart. It also features a dated Tensor G2 SoC as opposed to the Tensor G3 SoC found in the Pixel 8 duo (review).

Google Pixel Fold 2 design in folded state
Google’s Pixel Fold 2 renders show the redesigned camera island. / © On Leaks

What does this mean for the Pixel 9 Pro Fold? It might eventually feature the custom Tensor G4 SoC. To recall, the chip was believed to be the primary reason for the foldable’s delayed launch.

Additionally, we might even see the Pixel 9 Pro Fold and Pixel 9 Pro share the same triple camera modules behind. Up till today, details about the cameras in the Pixel 9 Pro remain unknown. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that at least one or two rear sensors will be upgraded coming from the Pixel 8 Pro.

With Google’s usual release calendar for its Pixel devices, we should expect the four Pixel 9 models announced this October, which is still half a year away. Hence, more interesting details about the Pixel 9 Pro Fold will most likely surface along the way.

What is your opinion about this claim of Google renaming its 2nd gen Pixel Fold to the Pixel 9 Pro Fold? Do you think the specifications and price will also change? Share your answers with us in the comments.


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