Friday, July 19, 2024

Porsche Macan canned: European sales to stop in 2024

Porsche’s best-selling car, the Macan, will be removed from sale in 2024 across Europe. The German firm’s decision to remove the mid-sized combustion engined SUV from its European line up is a result of cybersecurity fears. 

Under the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe, the WP.29 regulation states a need for all new cars sold in the EU to adhere to a certain level of “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Automated Driving Systems and Cyber Security provisions”. These provisions are meant to protect the car not only after it’s sold to a customer but during development and production too. Any models that do not meet the requirements will not be eligible for registration in the EU after 1 July 2024. 

Porsche says it will not convert the Macan to adhere to the WP.29 regulation, meaning that the car will be taken off sale in the EU “during the spring”. Auto Express contacted Porsche for a statement regarding the future of UK Macans, to which it replied “In regions outside the EU, the Macan with an internal combustion engine can remain available for longer.” Auto Express expects the Macan will remain on sale in the UK throughout 2024. 

Macan sales have grown by 15 per cent globally in 2023 so far. It’s a massively successful model in the European market so Porsche’s decision to end Macan sales could have knock-on effects. So far, we know this issue affects the internal-combustion engined Macan, although the regulations apply to electric vehicles too. The new, all-electric Macan due in 2024 sits on a new PPE platform and will probably have no problems passing the WP.29 regulation. Porsche may look to speed up that car’s development process to replace the ICE Macan sooner. 

The current Macan also shares plenty of components and the MLB platform with the Audi Q5, although it’s not clear yet if any other vehicles under the VW Group banner are non-compliant with the regulation.

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