Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Redmi K70-series sells 1,000,000 units in two weeks

Redmi’s latest flagship smartphones have proven a success even greater than that of their K60 forebears in their native China thus far – according to the OEM, at least. Its shipments are now estimated to have passed the 1 million mark already.

These shipments are presumably made up of K70e, K70 and K70 Pro units, although Redmi has yet to break the new figure down per variant. However, the brand is much more clear on the fact that the new line of smartphones has reached this milestone in less time than their K60-series predecessors from their initial release: just 2 weeks, in fact.

The announcement has amazing timing, moreover, with Redmi’s latest K-series limited edition set to launch tomorrow (December 21, 2023). Like some of its forebears, it is motorsport-themed, being the result of a collaboration with Lamborghini this time.

The K70 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Squadra Corse, to give it its full name, fits the bill with new lines to its signature neon green or yellow-gold rear panels, ‘tire-track’ accents for its chevron-shaped camera hump and, of course, the iconic badge.

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