Friday, July 19, 2024

Remington One Dry & Style Hair Dryer review

Remington One Dry & Style Hair Dryer two-minute review

The Remington One Dry & Style Hair Dryer D6077 is great value for what you get in the set. The hair dryer comes with four tools to suit a range of hair types – be it short and curly or long and straight. It has a wide head and one slim but wide concentrator nozzle to fit. I found that the hair dryer’s wide opening helped ensure fast-drying results, and when used at the highest speed and temperature, it left my hair feeling smooth and not over-dried like some hair dryers can make hair feel.

There’s a unique flyaway attachment in the set too. This can be used on dry and straightened hair to tame flyaways and help create a sleeker finish on straight hair. For curly hair, there are two diffuser attachments to choose from, which neatly click on the head of the hair dryer. You can choose the gentle drying diffuser to dry waves and curls without disturbing the shape and texture of hair. Alternatively, the more traditional style curl defining diffuser is great for drying natural curls and waves.

Box for the Remington One Dry & Style Hair Dryer

(Image credit: Future)

I found this hair dryer comfortable to use, although it took me a while to get used to the shape of the angled handle. There are two speeds to choose from and three heat settings, although the difference in temperature is subtle between the three temperatures. There’s also a cool shot that provides a constant cool stream of air that’s great for setting styles. 


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