Friday, April 19, 2024
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Reserve the Samsung Galaxy S23 now and get up to $100 credit

An image of the Galaxy S23 Ultra which looks nearly identical to the S22 Ultra.

Samsung just announced a dream come true promotion for anyone anxious to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S23. If you register your interest in the device, meaning tell Samsung you might want to buy one when it comes out, they’ll reserve one for you and you’ll get a credit for $50 off the next generation of Samsung devices when they do come out. Go to the link below, give them your name and email, and save a few bucks.

First off, Samsung hasn’t technically said this is a promotion for the Galaxy S23, but there are some compelling reasons to think it is. Samsung going to announce “new Galaxy devices” at the Samsung Unpacked event happening on February 1. Considering how many Galaxy S23 rumors are currently circulating, it’s highly likely that the S23 will be one of them. Even if you’re gunning for a different Samsung device, maybe a new tablet or a different phone, you might as well sign up at the link. In fact, reserving both the S23 and the next Galaxy Book, or two Galaxy S23s, will save you $100. There really isn’t a downside, which brings us to the second point.

All Samsung is asking for is your name and email. That will reserve an S23 for you and give you the $50 credit. If you end up not wanting the device once it becomes available, you can opt out. This is a “no-commitment offer,” according to the company, so there is no obligation to actually buy the device once it’s out. After all, you’ll want to wait to see what features are shown off at Samsung Unpacked before you decide whether or not to upgrade.

This promotion is live right now and will stay up until February 1, the day of Samsung Unpacked. If you’re eagerly awaiting your opportunity to upgrade to the newest in Samsung’s staple line of smartphones, reserve your device now and get a nice $50 discount.

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