Friday, May 24, 2024
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RØDE Interview PRO Wireless Mic and Smartphone Rigs Explained

RØDE debuted its Interview PRO wireless mic and two mobile video rigs. The Interview PRO is a handheld wireless microphone for field interviews in bustling environments. Aside from its classic design the Interview PRO also comes with a built-in 32-bit float recorder. This option allows for hassle-free recording, with zero regard for distortion or noise floor issues. The mic is part of the RØDE GO ecosystem and will work with its receivers. The Mobile Cage and Magnetic Mount will elevate your smartphone videography while maintaining phone accessibility in clever ways.

RØDE has a tradition of innovation, bringing high-end sound accessories to the masses, making them more affordable without major quality compromises. Its NAB 2024 announcements are another step in this direction. Two smartphone accessories are announced: The Phone cage takes the more professional approach, and the Magnetic Mount takes the minimalistic path. But I suspect it’s the Interview PRO mic that will draw most of our readers’ attention here.

The RØDE Interview PRO feels right at home with CineD’s team covering NAB 2024. Image credit: CineD

RØDE Interview PRO

The Interview PRO microphone simplifies field interviews while error-proofing them with the addition of gain assist and internal 32-bit float recording. With a classic look, this mic has a lot more going for under the hood.

RØDE Interview PRO REC button and LED. Image credit: CineD

The RØDE Interview PRO is fairly straightforward and simple to use. A few buttons will turn it on and off, link it to the assigned receiver, mute, and start/stop internal recording. all accompanied by indication LEDs. The internal battery will run the device for over 20 hours between charges and a 32GB internal memory will provide 40 hours of 32-bit float with all its dynamic range, according to RØDE. File transfer is done via USB-C port and there’s a dedicated battery charger as well. As part of the RØDE GO ecosystem, it’s also timecode enabled.

RØDE Phone Cage

With the rise of smartphone content RØDE is offering its take on smartphone rigging. The Phone Cage is based on a powerful magnet attachment (MagSafe compatible, and will work with most magnetic smartphones or cases). Lined with dozens of 1/4″ and 3/8″ ports and five cold shue mounts it provides ample mounting options. The key design feature lies with the magnet attachment. This enables swift detachment for your day-to-day phone usage, and swift attachment right where you left off.

RØDE Phone Cage and an iPhone 15. Image credit: CineD

RØDE Magnetic Mount

Based on the same magnet attachment unit as the Phone Cage, the magnetic mount offers a minimalistic approach. The mount includes four magnetic slots for two cold shue arms (long and short) and a tripod leg. This modularity allows for horizontal or vertical capture as well as add-on flexibility. While not as capable as the Phone Cage this device seems to perfectly suit the needs of most smartphone videographers and is arguably better looking and more compact.

RØDE Magnetic Mount with an iPhone 15. Image credit: CineD

Price and availability

All mentioned products are already shipping worldwide. The RØDE Interview PRO will cost $249, the RØDE Phone Cage will set you back $120, and the RØDE Magnetic Mount is unsurprisingly the most affordable at $90

Are you excited about the 32-bit float recording on a field interview mic? Will you opt for one of the phone rigs? Let us know in the comments.


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