Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rode’s Streamer X is an awesome all-in-one solution for streamers

It combines both XLR audio and video capture in one small box of tricks.


Rode has revealed a number of new products that it’s working on including devices for streamers and content creators. One of these is the Rode Streamer X which is set to combine both a pro-level audio interface with a video capture card.

This little box of tricks has studio-grade audio inputs for XLR microphones and line-level devices, as well as headsets and Rode wireless mics. Housed inside is a high-gain Revolution Preamp backed by APHEX audio processing tech to ensure crisp and clean sound.


On the face of it, the Streamer X looks like a tiny Rodecaster Pro II, but it also offers external capture card-like features too. This device can both capture and stream footage at 4K and 30 frames per second or 2K at 60 FPS. As well as offering video passthrough up to 4K at 60 FPS. This makes it ideal for streamers and content creators. Whether you’re streaming to Twitch or capturing footage for YouTube gameplay videos.

Rode says the Streamer X has two USB-C connections so it can work with dual PC setups and it’s also compatible with Rode’s own software – Rode Connect, Central and Unify. So you can customise and tune the audio to perfect it for your stream.

On the side, you’ll find four customisable SMART pads that can be set up to fire off sound effects or turn on voice FX as well as other actions.

Alongside the reveal of the Streamer X, Rode has also shown off the Rodecaster Duo. This is a more compact version of the Rodecaster Pro II, with similar features but a more slimline form factor. This is an all-in-one audio production tool that uses the same Revolution Preamps as its bigger brother but just two XLR connections. Making it a more logical choice for creators and streamers who don’t need a full-blown podcasting setup. The Rodecaster Duo will also pair brilliantly with the Rode NT1 5th Generation and the newly revealed PodMic USB which boasts both XLR and USB connectivity.

Find out more about Rode’s announcements here.


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